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74949 Weather (Muse, OK)

Muse, OK WeatherCurrent Conditions and Weather for Muse, Oklahoma
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Mist at Muse (74949), temperature is 71°F22°C, dew point 69°F21°C, humidity 94%. Wind direction is N and calmand calm with visibility of 5 mi8 km. Barometric pressure is 29.85 in1010 mb. Last update: 10:14 pm.*
*Time is approximately 10:14 pm Wed, May 22, 2024. Time will be within 15 minutes of current local time. Muse weather forecast data is updated every 15 minutes.

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Muse OK Weather - 11:14 pm

Muse Weather Forecast

Muse, OK Weather Forecast Date: 1014 PM Wed May 22 2024 (Muse Time)
Heavy rain, 0018 cloudy with heavy rain
Lo: 18°C64°F
Hi: 27°C80°F
Heavy rain Wednesday, temperatures as high as 27°C80°F, low temperature around 18°C64°F, chance of rain 97%, wind out of the SSE 10 km/h6 mph. Barometric pressure 1010 mb29.83 in, visibility 5 km3 mi, humidity 96%.
Patchy rain nearby, 0009 light rain showers
Lo: 16°C61°F
Hi: 28°C82°F
Patchy rain nearby Thursday, temperatures as high as 28°C82°F, low temperature around 16°C61°F, chance of rain 88%, wind out of the S 21 km/h13 mph. Barometric pressure 1010 mb29.83 in, visibility 5 km3 mi, humidity 91%.
Patchy rain nearby, 0009 light rain showers
Lo: 16°C60°F
Hi: 29°C84°F
Patchy rain nearby Friday, temperatures as high as 29°C84°F, low temperature around 16°C60°F, chance of rain 89%, wind out of the S 19 km/h12 mph. Barometric pressure 1008 mb29.77 in, visibility 8 km5 mi, humidity 85%.
Patchy rain nearby, 0009 light rain showers
Lo: 21°C69°F
Hi: 32°C90°F
Patchy rain nearby Saturday, temperatures as high as 32°C90°F, low temperature around 21°C69°F, chance of rain 87%, wind out of the S 25 km/h15 mph. Barometric pressure 1006 mb29.71 in, visibility 6 km4 mi, humidity 77%.
Sunny, 0001 sunny
Lo: 19°C66°F
Hi: 34°C93°F
Sunny Sunday, temperatures as high as 34°C93°F low temperature around 19°C66°F wind out of the SSW 27 km/h17 mph. Barometric pressure 1002 mb29.59 in, visibility 10 km6 mi, humidity 65%, uv index 1.
Sunny, 0001 sunny
Lo: 15°C58°F
Hi: 27°C80°F
Sunny Monday, temperatures as high as 27°C80°F low temperature around 15°C58°F wind out of the NW 16 km/h10 mph. Barometric pressure 1011 mb29.85 in, visibility 9 km6 mi, humidity 77%, uv index 5.
Sunny, 0001 sunny
Lo: 12°C53°F
Hi: 31°C87°F
Sunny Tuesday, temperatures as high as 31°C87°F low temperature around 12°C53°F wind out of the S 8 km/h5 mph. Barometric pressure 1017 mb30.03 in, visibility 10 km6 mi, humidity 63%, uv index 6.

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